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Peugeot 306-309 H-pattern 6 speed
(BE3 gearbox casing)

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Cod. RC107

Close ratio dog engagement gearkit
11/29 12/25 15/25 20/27 20/23 23/24
with needle roller bearings, full forks group, aluminium casings, final drive ratio among our products range

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Cod. DA014

Limited slip differential plate type

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Cod. RD065

12/67 Final drive ratio (ratio 5,58)

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Ricambi -> RD065

Cod. P65/01


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Cod. P65/02


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Cod. RD066

13/68 Final drive ratio (ratio 5,23)

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Cod. RD067

12/59 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,92)

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Cod. RD068

12/55 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,58)

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Cod. K0005

Full gear lever kit with rods

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Cod. K0013

Inner cockpit gear lever kit with cables and uniball

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Cod. SE011

Drive shafts (left and right) wheel-side

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Cod. SE026

Intermediate short drive shaft Z=26

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Cod. SE027

Intermediate long drive shaft Z=26

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