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Opel Astra 2000 16V. H-pattern 6 speed
(F18 - F20 gearbox casing)

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Cod. RC037

Close ratio dog engagement gearkit
(Astra 1° homologation)
13/30 15/28 18/28 20/27 23/27 22/23
with needle roller bearings, forks, aluminium casting casing and final drive ratio among our products range.

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Cod. DA018

Limited slip differential plate type Max-Model

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Cod. RD080

11/57 Final drive ratio (ratio 5,18)

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Cod. RD081

12/56 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,67)

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Cod. RD082

14/59 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,21)

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Cod. RD084

15/63 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,20)

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Cod. RD083

14/57 Final drive ratio (ratio 4,07)

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Cod. RD085

13/50 Final drive ratio (ratio 3,85)

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